So I literally was taking notes while the reveal was on. I have no idea if anyone will want to read anymore on this subject, so I'll just post it on TAYClassic. Also, I haven't really let my true sarcastic nature come out so far on TAY, but this is FULL of it, so please take it with a grain of salt...

Here goes:

I have never been more indifferent to a new console than this one.

The opening movie talks about watching, not playing.

Entertainment...blah, blah, blah...

All-In-One System, but I just want to play.

The name- XBOX ONE! Wait, isn't this the third XBOX? At least they showed the console. God, that is an ugly controller. I really hate XBOX controllers. And the Kinect is even bulkier! Where am I supposed to put that thing? I'm not moving my Naruto figures to put that thing in front of my TV.


Always ready and connected. Guess I can't use it like my 360, which isn't even online at all.

On the home screen there are more TV/Movies/Music than games. Guess we can see where this is going.

Trending- I hate that word. I don't care what other people think. I am an individual! Plus, I only know 2 people that have XBOXs, and I really don't care what they think.

Live TV- Wait, doesn't my TV already have that? Wait, that's fast. Really fast.


Snap Mode- Multiple programs at once. Apparently I need to get on the Skype train. (Shameless Star Trek plugs.)

Integrated with phones...hopefully not just Windows phones, because really, who has those?


Movies, Skype, ESPN. Where are the games?! I am a gamer.

Fifteen minutes in and I'm already against XBOX ONE. (Am I actually a Sony fangirl?)


Wow, this thing moves really fast. Hopefully this isn't just for the reveal and actually works like that.

New for XBOX ONE: Skype and Live TV. Really? Again?

Now specs! I never understand these things. Numbers, numbers, numbers.

And Blu-Ray. It's about time. I'm tired of switching disks.

Damn, that Kinect is HUGE! I don't want another sensor. Especially one I have to use. (Is the PS4 gonna do that?)


That controller is not by me or for me. I'll be lucky if I can hold that black brick of plastic.

Smart Glass- I still have no idea what that means.

The Kinect will recognize the that is actually interesting. Does that mean only games will need the controller, so everything else is motion detection and voice commands?


LIVE- More servers! (Really? I don't care.) The cloud! (Really? That means always online and my wi-fi SUCKS!) Sharing and video! (Really? I am very antisocial when it comes to gaming.)

Oh! Games!!! (And it only took 30 minutes into an hour long program...way to support us Microsoft.)


EA Sports- Wait, I don't play sports games. Hold up, UFC? I like the UFC. Hello Jon Jones...and RG3. I know you, but I still don't play sports games. Wait, only sports titles? You suck EA. (I wonder how many game sales are sports...because this is ridiculous.)

This is actually really boring.

Oh, an exclusive! Forza 5?! I really should start playing sports and racing games apparently. It's pretty though. I love the sparkles in the paint.


A Remedy game? Now you have my attention! Quantum Break...OK...let's go. Wait, real people? What the... Hold on, where is that mom from? That's gonna drive me crazy until I figure it out. "Time is the fire in which we burn." I like that too. And now it's over? Real people and VERY minimal game footage. What a load of crap.

Eight new franchises sounds awesome! Where are they?

Now more TV? I get it already! This will be the next water cooler? Don't let my water cooler hear that!


Halo? Did someone say Halo? OK, now it's a Microsoft conference. This is going to be a show, isn't it? Just work on a game woman! (Oh, a woman. Actually, two. Now no one can be offended.) Oh look, a Halo show. And there's Steve Spielberg. Now I care so much. (Not really.)

Back to sports. I love football, but that's what my TV is for. I don't play Fantasy Football, so once again, I don't care.


That's so...ugh...

It's over!?

E3 better knock my socks off!!!

No wait! Another exclusive! Call of Duty!?

Fish tech! I almost laughed myself to death. Infinity Ward, you have this amazing new engine! Now what are you going to do? We're going to make responsive fish! But no one ever really cared about fish in Call of Duty. Well, you better care now!!!!


A total of 20 minutes of games...10 for COD...8 for EA Sports...and 2 for a game that had mostly real people in the trailer. Sigh...

Nineteen days until E3. I can't wait.

After Interview:

It's not ALWAYS connected. We can calm down. (Don't tell me what to do!)

That console is a beast...and the Kinect...and the controller. I'm gonna need a bigger TV stand for that thing.


So there you have it. Now, could Microsoft turn it around for me later? Of course. One amazing RPG and I would seriously reconsider. As of now though all I can say is E3 better make this joke of a reveal leave my memory...and FAST!

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