Once upon a time there was a couple who was very happy. The husband had a good job, and so the wife stayed at home and raised their child.

But, as with most stories, something bad happened.

One day the husband came home and told his wife that the boss gave him an ultimatum: quit his job and get a severance package or be fired. Knowing the money he received on quitting would last them at least 6 to 8 months, the husband choose the severance instead of being fired.


A few months went by and the couple spent almost everyday together, while the husband searched for new employment. They spent so much time together, it started hurting their relationship. Both started getting depressed.

Then one day the husband came home from the gym talking about a game their good friend couldn't stop rambling about: Borderlands. And so they went out and bought the Game of the Year Edition and started to play.

They spent the mornings looking for work and the afternoons looking for loot. With something to focus on, the depression lessened. The husband found work, but still they played on. Every night they gamed (after the child had been put to bed). After 6 playthroughs, Borderlands became like second nature, but still they played on.

Now, you may be wondering what all this has to do with a tattoo, so let me explain. The couple, sitting and playing the game together, play in very different ways. The husband agonizes over every weapon. He compares every one to what is equipped. He hesitates on selling any, thinking "I may need this later." The wife, on the other hand, has the philosophy "If I'm not using it, sell it."


This leaves the wife with a lot of free time while the husband is at the vendors. So the wife starts noticing all the little things: the artwork, the many sayings of Claptrap, and the little pieces of graffiti that are scattered around.

Like this little guy in the Jakob's Cove DLC:


The wife falls in love with the one-winged reaper and decides that it will be her next tattoo. She writes to the Borderlands people, who send pictures of the little guy to help the tattoo artist.

So several months later the wife gets her reaper tattoo. It means so much to her, not only because he is so cute, but because Borderlands means so much to her. It was the right game at the right time.


And they lived happily ever after...


Except that life goes on. And the wife has an idea for another video game tattoo.

But that is a different story. :)

Thanks to TheUnfathomableTruth for suggesting a way to get my pics to post.

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