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Damson's 2019 Gift Guide

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Hello everyone! Damson here. You might know me or not. Either way, let’s make this whole Secret Santa thing stress free.


Since this is a gaming website, let’s start there. My favorite series are Borderlands and Final Fantasy. Zelda is a close third. I’m always open to playing new games, and if you can find one within the spending limit, I have a PS4 and Switch that don’t get used nearly enough.

I’m also into anime and manga, especially darker series. And I love getting into obscure and lesser known series. I’m also always open to suggestions if you think of anything.


Also in line with my many geeky pastimes, I am a huge Star Wars nerd. I only bring this up for one reason: Baby Yoda! I need a Baby Yoda! BABY! YODA!

But I digress... :D

I am in love with pins, and figurines, and blind bags. Anything geeky. I also wear shirts until they fall apart, because I cherish them and wear the crap out of them. Size L (guys) or XL (girls).


Lastly, I’m all about crafts, so feel free to make something if you want. I’m just happy with anything honestly! It makes me happy to take part!

Good luck Santa! Hopefully this helped. :)

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