Honestly, Christmas is one of my most hated times of the year...BUT I'm really looking forward to this year, because of all my fellow TAYers. You guys have made this year one of the best ones ever for me!

So yeah, gift guide:

Franchises I like: Borderlands, Final Fantasy (VIII is my favorite!), Zelda, Ratchet and Clank

Genres I most enjoy: RPGs! Oh, and JRPGs! :)

Systems I own: Ummm...here we go...NES, Genesis, 64, GameCube, XBox 360, PS3, Wii Handhelds: GameBoy, GameBoy Color, Pikachu GameBoy (Well, that's my daughter's.), GameBoy Micro, PSP, 3 DSs, and a 3Ds

Items I collect: Cute things! Naruto figurines, One Piece figurines, Final Fantasy figurines, Hello Kitty things, MLP things...and buttons! I'm a sucker for buttons.


My shirt size: Large