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Hello everyone, and welcome to the Open Forum, which is hosted by Kotaku's reader-run blog, TAY. This is a place to talk about life, video games, or anything else, so feel free to hop in and join in the topic discussion, or comment about anything. Then, when you're done, feel free to peruse the articles on TAY and » 4/18/14 10:00am Friday 10:00am

I have two of those Tokidoki cactus/dogthings myself. My favorite finds are little ninja looking things with kanji on the back of their heads. I have a ton of them, but only because I wanted dream and love, the ones that would match my tattoos. I finally got the right ones after about $10 worth of figures. :D » 4/17/14 10:07am Thursday 10:07am

Awesome! My cousin used to be into graffiti, back in his younger, more destructive days. But I always found it fascinating. Great job again Bonny! Your ideas keep getting better and more surprising. It's great! :D » 4/15/14 11:57pm Tuesday 11:57pm

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